In my Intro to drawing class we have to find quotes from Artists who are important to us and our art. You and Jim Lee are the most influential artist in my life( Lee's X-Men and your Daredevil and Kabuki), what would you say to a group of 14 students and a grad student instructor at The University of Iowa about hard work and practice? Thank you for your time.


Nothing takes the place of just doing it. Doing so much work that you learn to figure out what you want out of it for yourself.  That’s the important part. Don’t be thinking of what other people want to see, but do so much work on your own that you get to ask yourself what works and does not work for you, and you only figure that out fully by doing it.

Also you need to do hundreds and hundreds of works, just to work out the bad stuff.  To work out all the wrong ways of doing things, so you can get to a point where you following the right internal voice.  Sometimes you have to work out so many other voices in the process to get to there. 

So do 10,000 works or 1000 pages of stories, are thousands of drawings and sketches, and think of all of them as experiments, and opportunities to try out different voices that you have in you.  After that, it will clear up some things of what you do and don’t want out of your own work for yourself.

Then keep working.

Also this… some people only talk about things.  They talk them to death and they never actually start it.

I’ll break it down into very simple components that should be of practical use. 

so, STEP ONE: 


Some people start something and then trick themselves into thinking they are working on it… but they never get around to finishing it.




The trick is to get into the making of it and stay in the making of it.

Find an access point to start, even if you don’t know how it ends. Only in the making of it do the really amazing insights occur to you… not before. Some people think they have to have it figured out before they start… but its actually the other way around.



Some people start a work, and finish it… but then they never show it to anyone!

Each of these, not starting, not finishing, and not showing, are mental blocks you are making because you are afraid of it not being good enough, or people not reacting to it the way you hope. 

Guess what? It WON”T BE GOOD ENOUGH.  And there will be many people that do not like it and you will get mixed reactions at best (especially if the work is of any substance, and any personal relevance to you).  Make peace with both of those. 

Making peace with that will free you up to do what you are really supposed to do without the extra noise of wondering about that nonsense.

And this project will give you insight on how to improve your next work.


REPEAT STEPS 1-3 over and over.


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Warren Ellis' Notebook: Someone asked me to make the previous ask rebloggable. I’m afraid I...


Someone asked me to make the previous ask rebloggable. I’m afraid I don’t see a way to do that, so I’m just going to repost the thing in a text box and hope it works. Sorry for the repeat.

I was wondering if you had any advice regarding making ideas more important. I have pages of different…
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Midway on our life’s journey, I found myself
In dark woods, the right road lost.

The Inferno - Dante (the Pinsky translation)
There is nothing in the desert - A review of Prometheus

This will have spoilers.  So Prometheus.  Interesting movie.  I liked it, a lot.  It did what it did very well.  It wasn’t trying to be Alien.  If anything, it was more Blade Runner then Alien.  I think the focus and most interesting part of the movie was not on a human but on the android.  The relationship and metaphor was clear.  The entire movie ostensibly was talking about our search for our creators but it also had this android observing how we go about doing that and effecting the outcome.  The android’s relationship with us was from created to creator and worked effectively as metaphor for our own search.  Most of the best moments in the movie were unsaid or hidden. We have a need to speak the why of what we are doing.  There is an exchange late in the movie that hammers that home and points out that the android had no conception of “why”, didn’t understand the need for asking that question.  Over and over again in the movie, we find that the android has kept a secret, sometimes from the crew and sometimes, as when he speaks to the Engineer, from us.  The doctor did, I believe, start to understand that when the android slips and gives away the fact that he was the cause of most of the deaths but this only reinforces the effectiveness of his (relative) silence.  Explaining your tactics or goals is a human need but not shared by the android and in most cases, would never have been as effective.  Secrecy can be a currency that is spent when shared.  It is the need for explaining or justifying ourselves that usually lead us to frivolously spend our secret currency, a need to let others know of our why.  This inability to understand “why” is what separates the android from us.  The unsaid question then is what is it that separates us from our creators, what leap is it that we can’t make?  All of this can be seen as precursor to the moment when the doctor rediscovers her faith.  Her need to put the cross back on didn’t register because the android thought of faith as a logical transaction and there are humans who think that way, need a justification or reason for faith but that betrays the very meaning of the word.  Just initial thoughts. A bit overwhelmed.  There was a lot going on.  A good movie.  There may be a second part to this when this comes out on DVD.

A Lively Peace

I’ve always craved a lively peace so I need to figure out how I stumbled upon a life filled with nothing but dull chaos, its opposite.  Is it because there is no such thing as a lively peace?  Does lively need the energy of chaos or can it be released in bits and starts, like a whip on a horse, when a dash of energy is what is needed for insertion into the rigidity and death caused by over-reliance on structure?  How do I get back?  I’ve been thinking on this over the last couple of days.  I’ve become frozen and dulled by an overly vivid understanding of the shortness of life brought about (maybe) by the quick succession of deaths in my family.  I do enough to stay a step ahead, now.  I’ve become the type of person that stays a step ahead.  Life shouldn’t be about staying a step ahead though because when you are merely a step ahead, everything becomes about reaction.  Your direction is determined by paths that you are forced to take.  Sometimes the only way out is the only path that can be taken.  Direction is what is needed and a controlled direction can not happen in chaos, not consistently.  What I need to do is think deeply, again and understand the life around me so that I can begin again to determine the direction of my reactions.  It’ll happen.  Anything becomes possible when you become aware of the questions that need to be answered.

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